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Ok, so in case you do not have high school age or college age children, or you are not in the world of education, you probably have no idea about how difficult it is to gain admittance into college these days.  I attended San Diego State University which, at the time, was a very easy school to get into.  I was also a California resident at the time, which did not hurt.  Today, SDSU is one of the most difficult schools to get into in California, requiring in-state applicants to have at least a 3.6 GPA and very high SAT or ACT scores.  This is more than a full grade point higher than what I had when I gained admittance to SDSU back in 1989.

So, this brings me to the point of this post. My fiance is an SAT tutor here in San Franicsco and the peninsula and it is pretty amazing what I have seen her do with her students.  She helps prospective college students with everything from SAT and ACT help to application help and admission essay review.  So, if you are looking to give your kid a shot at the best school they can attend, give Danielle a call to talk about what she can possibly do to help.


Amici’s Pizza San Francisco

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6Ok, so I was born in New York. I have sampled many of the city’s finest pizza eateries by the slice over the years and I consider myself a guy who knows pizza. Let’s face it, I love pizza. Not a week goes by that I don’t have at least one large pie show up to the house so that I can rekindle my love affair with the peasant bread. Moving to San Francisco a couple of years ago, posed a little bit of a problem for me. I had to learn all of the great eateries from sandwiches to pizza. I am a man who loves food of all types and all price ranges, but my heart belongs to sandwiches and pizza. I tried a few pizza places with friends who said that they, “knew a good place? for pizza. Places like Pizza Orgasmica or other San Francisco syndicated pizza. No thanks. Then one day Danielle suggested I try Amici’s. I saw the menu and was a little hesitant as there were some “California Style? pizzas on there (the topping combinations, not the sizes), but we fired one up anyway. Well, I was very happy. Thin crust, good sauce (not too bitter) and real cheese and toppings. This was my new spot. Now, I order Amici’s from their Union St. location, every week. We usually get a large anitpasti salad and Margherita pizza with chicken (so California) and I love it. The salad is great and they only use fresh lettuce, mozzarella, kalamata olives and other produce. The pizza is thin, cooked until it is just about to burn (great), and just plain delicious. The only drawback to Amici’s is the price. They are more expensive than any other pizza places in San Francisco (that I have found), but it has not kept me from calling them everytime I need a pie. It is worth the money.

Taylor’s Refresher – San Francisco Ferry Building

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Taylor’s Refresher is a throw-back diner located in the front left corner of the newly-remodeled San Francisco Ferry Building. Taylor’s is very well know by wine country buffs, but it is becomming well known by SF’s local burger contingent as well. Weekends at the Ferry Building see locals and tourists gather to browse the offerings from many of the Bay Area’s farmers, food and beverage proprietors. It is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon walking around, eating and enjoying the outdoors. But, if you are like me, and you really enjoy a good hamburger, then a trip to Taylor’s Refresher should be on your “To Do” list.

Taylor’s Refresher is a large diner, probably 5,000 sq. ft. of interior space with a huge shared outdoor patio that can accommodate another few hundred people. On a sunny day, expect to wait a few minutes in line as you will not be the only one looking to sample their tasty burgers. I am not one to wait in line for anything, but this is something that I would wait in a line for. First of all, they are ready for the line. Taylor’s sets up stools outside with loads of menus so that by the time you make it up to the front, you (and everyone else) will be ready to order. They are very efficient at the ordering stations and have the pickup station setup on the far end of the restaurant…making ingress and egress as easy as possible. They put some thought into this.

I just had the Western Bacon Cheeseburger…no this is not Carl’s Jr., but it comes made in a similar way. Included is a 1/2 lb. patty, thick bacon (gourmet bacon, no fatty, thin crap), blue cheese, an onion ring and bbq sauce. It is a mighty burger that filled me up big time with the side of fries I ordered. I am 6′-4″ and 200lbs, and I like to eat. Adjust your order accordingly. The meat is top notch, the condiments are as well. The bacon they use is thick cut, gourmet stuff. Not the skinny, fatty crap you will find elsewhere (I like that stuff too btw). The buns are fresh and soft. It is a great all around burger and one of the best in the city by far.

Here is the hot tip. On a cloudy, drizzly, overcast Sunday, think about heading to Taylor’s Refresher as there will likely not be a big crowd there. A perfect time to walk in with absolutely no hassle and have a great burger and fries.

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Boom, the San Francisco Weblog

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As I was sitting at Taylor’s Refresher today, I was thinking that I love food, good food. I don’t care if it costs 10 cents or $100 dollars, I like it all. One of the problems I have with looking for reviews on line or recommended places to eat is that they all seem to be too commercial. Most seem to either be motivated by advertisements on their site or some kind of sponsorship for writing a “reveiw” of the restaurant. So, I figured I would setup this blog to document for myself and anyone else who is interested in eating in San Francisco, to see what I like and dislike about the many eateries I choose to dine at on a weekly basis. So, hang on to your hats kids, the Deliman is in.

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