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November 6, 2005 at 10:47 pm | Posted in Burgers, Food, News, Restaurants | 25 Comments

As I was sitting at Taylor’s Refresher today, I was thinking that I love food, good food. I don’t care if it costs 10 cents or $100 dollars, I like it all. One of the problems I have with looking for reviews on line or recommended places to eat is that they all seem to be too commercial. Most seem to either be motivated by advertisements on their site or some kind of sponsorship for writing a “reveiw” of the restaurant. So, I figured I would setup this blog to document for myself and anyone else who is interested in eating in San Francisco, to see what I like and dislike about the many eateries I choose to dine at on a weekly basis. So, hang on to your hats kids, the Deliman is in.

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