Things to do in San Francisco

March 6, 2006 at 9:45 pm | Posted in News | Leave a comment

Ok, I have been getting a lot of questions lately from friends who are planning trips to San Francisco, asking me what they should do on their stay here. So, I am going to start a series of posts on “things to do in San Francisco” that will hopefully be a helpful guide to them and others on their journey to one of the most scenic cities in the United States.

Thing to Do #1

What is San Francisco most famous for? The trolleys of course. And, San Francisco has made great strides to make your trolley riding experience a great one. There are two major trolley lines that I think you should take a peek at when here in San Francisco. First, the Hyde Street trolleys are probably the most famous and they run all day long from down in Fisherman’s Warf (another thing to do here in San Fran). Just head down to the Warf and jump on one of these bad boys. It is pretty cool (and cold). The other trolleys that are really awesome are the cars that run up and down the embarcadero. I believe they run right up to the Warf as well (but I am not totally sure). These trolley cars are all restored street cars from all over the United States. If nothing else, you should just take a look at some of them as they are truly pieces of art.

So, that is my first suggestion to visitors here in San Fran. Go on a trolley ride an whoomp it up.

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