Coastside San Francisco

April 13, 2006 at 5:30 pm | Posted in News | 1 Comment

I am not the only one advocating visiting the beautiful coastline in and around San Francisco. You can’t go wrong visiting the Northern California coastline when visiting San Francisco or the surrounding areas.

If you’re torn between a city getaway and one that gets back to nature, consider a visit to the Coastside area just south and west of San Francisco. This rural stretch of oceanfront is so close to, yet distinct from, the city that you can stay in a secluded lighthouse overlooking a cragged unpopulated coastline and still pop into town for dining at one of San Francisco’s finest restaurants. From Pacifica on down through Half Moon Bay to Pescadero, this part of the California coast is a tapestry of small towns, farmland, gorgeous coastal scenery and beaches, all easily accessed from Highway 1. The big attraction here is the ocean, of course, but historic buildings, Mayberry main streets, parks, trails and wildlife preserves make this much more than just a day at the beach. We never had visited the other side of San Francisco, and as we drove the busy freeways north toward the city we could see we had only a few miles to go, yet we were still near the heart of the city. How could this be? The photos we had seen of our lodgings in Pacifica made it look like we would be enjoying coastal scenery – more available

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