Still Raining in San Francisco

February 24, 2010 at 12:20 am | Posted in News | 1 Comment
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It has been raining in SF for weeks now.  I have to admit, you have to be a die hard if you want to take a tour of the city like this family did:


Fleet Week and Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

October 8, 2007 at 6:41 pm | Posted in News | 1 Comment
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It never ceases to amaze me how perfect the weather is every year for the Fleet Week / Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival weekend is. It can be freezing all week, but as soon as you hear the Blue Angels buzzing around town on Thursday, the weather breaks and the only thing you see is blue sky. Amazing.

The best part of being a fan of Bluegrass music and mechanical wonders, like jet airplanes, is that you can watch both, while sipping an ice cold beer in the park. What a great weekend. Now if the wanna-be Marina hippie types in their $300 blue jeans would stop trying to impress people by giving the Blue Angels the finger when they fly overhead it would be great. Pretty comical though. All-in-all, it was a great weekend.

In other news, I did manage to pick up a fresh new ring tone for my mobile phone last night…it is the theme from the Munsters. Pretty dope…and you know you have to have something to ramp up for Halloween.

Coastside San Francisco

April 13, 2006 at 5:30 pm | Posted in News | 1 Comment

I am not the only one advocating visiting the beautiful coastline in and around San Francisco. You can’t go wrong visiting the Northern California coastline when visiting San Francisco or the surrounding areas.

If you’re torn between a city getaway and one that gets back to nature, consider a visit to the Coastside area just south and west of San Francisco. This rural stretch of oceanfront is so close to, yet distinct from, the city that you can stay in a secluded lighthouse overlooking a cragged unpopulated coastline and still pop into town for dining at one of San Francisco’s finest restaurants. From Pacifica on down through Half Moon Bay to Pescadero, this part of the California coast is a tapestry of small towns, farmland, gorgeous coastal scenery and beaches, all easily accessed from Highway 1. The big attraction here is the ocean, of course, but historic buildings, Mayberry main streets, parks, trails and wildlife preserves make this much more than just a day at the beach. We never had visited the other side of San Francisco, and as we drove the busy freeways north toward the city we could see we had only a few miles to go, yet we were still near the heart of the city. How could this be? The photos we had seen of our lodgings in Pacifica made it look like we would be enjoying coastal scenery – more available

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Rain, Go Away Rain

March 28, 2006 at 11:40 pm | Posted in News | Leave a comment

Ok, enough with the rain already. It has been raining here in San Francisco for weeks now. I did get some of the most epic snowboarding in two weeks ago, but I am willing to give that up for a week of sunshine. Enough with the rain already!


Things to do in San Francisco – Golden Gate Bridge

March 13, 2006 at 9:10 pm | Posted in News | Leave a comment

San FranciscoContinuing with my series of articles about “things to do in San Francisco,” today I will give another obvious one…walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. One of the longest span suspension bridges, and probably the most famous, in the United States is the Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge has two paths dedicated to pedestrian and bike traffic (East side of the bridge) and one to bike traffic only (West side of the bridge). Gaining access to these paths is very easy to do by foot and by car. I would recommend (for those who can walk 5 miles without too much difficulty) to park your car at Chrissy Field, just east of the Golden Gate on the San Francisco Bay, and walk West towards the bridge. You can take a peek at some of the historical features of San Francisco Bay and the bridge along the way. Forts, bunkers and munition bunkers can be found along the way. Make your way up onto Lincoln Blvd. and to the base of the path across the bridge.

Some helpful tips for walking across the bridge are to be sure to look both ways when entering the path. Bike traffic shares the path with pedestrians and accidents can happen. Being aware of the bike traffic, staying to the right side of the path and remaining alert will help keep you and your family safe. If you want to ride a bike across, you can use the shared side of the path, on the East side of the bridge, or after 3:30pm on weekdays, and all day on weekends, you can use the West side of the bridge. If you are planning on making stops along the way, then using the shared side is advisable as the bike traffic on the bike-only side can be heavy and fast-moving at times.

Be sure to bring some water and warm clothes. Temperatures on the bridge tend to be 5 to 10 degrees cooler than at the base due to wind, fog and other weather.

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Things to do in San Francisco

March 6, 2006 at 9:45 pm | Posted in News | Leave a comment

Ok, I have been getting a lot of questions lately from friends who are planning trips to San Francisco, asking me what they should do on their stay here. So, I am going to start a series of posts on “things to do in San Francisco” that will hopefully be a helpful guide to them and others on their journey to one of the most scenic cities in the United States.

Thing to Do #1

What is San Francisco most famous for? The trolleys of course. And, San Francisco has made great strides to make your trolley riding experience a great one. There are two major trolley lines that I think you should take a peek at when here in San Francisco. First, the Hyde Street trolleys are probably the most famous and they run all day long from down in Fisherman’s Warf (another thing to do here in San Fran). Just head down to the Warf and jump on one of these bad boys. It is pretty cool (and cold). The other trolleys that are really awesome are the cars that run up and down the embarcadero. I believe they run right up to the Warf as well (but I am not totally sure). These trolley cars are all restored street cars from all over the United States. If nothing else, you should just take a look at some of them as they are truly pieces of art.

So, that is my first suggestion to visitors here in San Fran. Go on a trolley ride an whoomp it up.

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SF City Council Members Call for Removal of President Bush + VP Cheney

March 2, 2006 at 10:00 pm | Posted in News | Leave a comment

I was not aware that you could even do such a thing as a city coucilperson. But, apparently these members of the San Francisco City Council are either really pissed or they are looking for votes in the next municipal election.

Members of the San Francisco City Council, known as the fortress of the US Democrats, have urged Congress to remove President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney from office. The Council members accuse the Bush- Cheney duo of dragging the county into war, encouraging incidents of torture, spying on American citizens, and failing to implement rescue works after Hurricane Katrina, passed a related bill with the majority of votes calling for the removal of Bush and Cheney from office.

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Chapelle is Coming to San Francisco

February 16, 2006 at 6:33 pm | Posted in News | Leave a comment

Oh yeah, he might have fooled you with the South Africa trip, but one thing is for sure, Dave Chapelle is coming to San Francisco this Monday at the Warfield. I managed to get a couple of tickets in the last row of the lower balcony, but I don’t care where the seats are to be honest. I am just happy that Chapelle is here and that Danielle and I are going to see him. Aww geah.

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Everybody Get Fastrak

February 6, 2006 at 8:40 pm | Posted in News | 11 Comments

Ok, I just drove back into town from Tahoe, after a long Superbowl weekend. I was reminded that I need to get on the Fastrak deal because it is just plain dumb not to have one.  I won’t bother explaining what Fastrak is all about, because if you don’t know what it is, then you probably don’t need one.  But, if you do know what it is and you don’t have one, then you need to get yourself one.  Why? Simple, it is good for everyone (aka: the community).  The only people who drive across the Golden Gate (and more importantly) and Bay Bridges more than twice a year, should have one in my mind. The amount of traffic and congestion it would cut down on would be tremendous and that translates into a better quality of life for everyone. So, sign up for Fastrak right now.

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There’s Snow in Tahoe

February 2, 2006 at 4:35 pm | Posted in News | 2 Comments

I don’t know about you guys, but I am headed to Tahoe for the weekend. Snow, Superbowl, beers, what more could you ask for? Well, ok. Surely you could ask for a few other things, but this has all of the makings of a great weekend here in the Bay Area.  I will be staying in Incline Village with some friends, which means that we will most likely be boarding at Northstar.  I actually like it there, not for the family atmosphere, but becuase the trees are great for someone who does not want to die, yet board in the trees. The snow there is also usually great when it is dumping and the short drive from Incline is great too. So, I hope that you are all staying here this weekend so that I don’t have to wait in any lines. 😉

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